Patch 5.2 WoW Guides

February 6, 2013

Our wow guides have now been updated for wow patch 5.2. This wow patch is introducing new raids, quests, world bosses and some other great features that have never been seen in wow. All class guides are updated for patch 5.2 with every class change. To view these changes, simply visit our class guide section and select your wow character’s class.

Bots in Patch 5.2

WoW Bots are used to automate game play in world of warcraft and allow you to go afk while your wow character still plays for you. You can use the wow bot to do many things including quests, farm gold, level alt characters, increase faction rep, pvp and get honor points, do dungeons with groups and much more. There are many tasks in WoW that people absolutely hate doing, so the wow bot helps out by letting you still get the results you want without having to put in the work. Bots for patch 5.2 will be updated and available as soon as the patch is released.

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