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Alchemy is a popular crafting professions available to players in World of Warcraft. There are many things one can do with this profession such as make potions and elixirs that grant certain benefits. These are some of the best selling items that Alchemists can make because just about everyone needs them. Choose Alchemy as one of your primary professions if you want a lucrative crafting profession.

The Wonders of Alchemy

undead alchemistOnce your player reaches a certain level in their Alchemy training, they will be asked to choose a specialization which they will retain for their entire Alchemical career. These specializations are potions, elixirs, and transmutation. Each of them provides their own unique benefits and weaknesses to the player, so this is no light decision. While transmutation is arguably the best way to make money from this profession, elixirs and potions are both more helpful to the group, so that should be taken into consideration. Whichever specialization you choose, you will have a chance to make extra materials of the kind. Your choice of specialization is just the first of many you will make when leveling up Alchemy.

Benefits of Alchemy as a Profession

undercity alchemy trainer wowThere are many things that make Alchemy a worthwhile profession for any player to have. This profession pairs well with Herbalism as Alchemy uses of many of the herbs that these gatherers collect in their potions. A Philosopher’s Stone is an awesome trinket that only Alchemists can use. They provide various effects and are always some of the best in slot trinkets, especially right now at the expansion’s launch. Oils are another unique feature of Alchemy which can be used to coat and increase the effectiveness of different weapons. Cauldrons are a great thing to have for raids as every member can get a little something good out of it before it expires. Apart from that, there is not much Alchemists can do outside their specialization. Elixir masters excel at making flasks and elixirs while potion masters master the craft of potions. Transmutation masters can change raw materials into rare crafting items on a cool down!

Steps to Crafting

alchemy herbalismFirst of all, you will need to gather the raw materials you need for your recipe from all around the world of Azeroth. The auction house is a great place to purchase these items, but by far the best way to collect them is to pair Alchemy with Herbalism so you can get all the materials yourself. If you level up Alchemy this way, you won’t need to spend a lot of money so you can ultimately make more! Once you have all of the appropriate materials, all you need to make sure of is that you have the recipe and then you can start crafting. While Herbalism is the recommended pairing for Alchemy, lots of other crafting professions are appropriate like Enchanting or Jewelcrafting making your character a one stop shop where players can get everything they need. Alchemy is a very useful profession and every good raiding guild should have at least one alchemist for the buffs they provide to the entire group.

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