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Blacksmithing is a profession that specializes in crafting armor and weapons either for one’s self or for profit on the auction house. The anvil and the forge are keys to being a successful Blacksmith and you can find them in all major cities and most towns. While mail and plate wearers benefit most from this profession, it is just as good at making money for any player.

Crafted Items from Blacksmiths

blacksmithing trainer stormwindThe most important thing that Blacksmiths can make is armor and weaponry. Whether this be mail or heavy plate armor, the Blacksmith is an expert. Melee weapons are another specialty of the Blacksmith which also includes special items like shields. Keys are items that open chests and lock boxes that can be found all over the world. These are a great tool for any traveling Blacksmith to have as they mean access to more treasure. Whetstones are other unique items that Blacksmiths can create. These stones increase the damage of weapons for short periods of time so they are always good to have on hand. Perhaps most interesting of all, Blacksmiths can put sockets in their gear allowing them more stats in the end. These gems can be purchased from the auction house or created if you have the Jewelcrafting profession.

Good Pairings with Blacksmithing

mining blacksmithingThe obvious profession to acquire along with Blacksmithing is Mining. This gathering profession allows the player to collect ore and various precious stones from the world around them. This ore is useful because it is a key ingredient in just about every Blacksmithing recipe out there. Blacksmithing becomes rather inexpensive to level if you can gather all of the materials yourself by leveling Mining. Jewelcrafting is another good profession to have along with Blacksmithing. While you will be buying a lot more ore from the auction house without the option to farm it yourself, you will have more gems on hand to put into your epic equipment. If you want to level Blacksmithing without a lot of money down, then Mining is probably the choice for you. But really any two professions can be paired together if you have a reason for it.

Steps to Blacksmithing

blacksmithing anvil wowThe first thing you will likely have to do when crafting something with Blacksmithing is to smelt your ore. This will turn all of your ore into bars which can be more easily molded into the shape of choice. Smelting your ore is easily the most time consuming process of Blacksmithing as you must spend a cast time on each stack of ore. This can end up taking a long time if you are making more than one recipe. After this, you’ll have everything you need to get started at the anvil to make your epic item or piece of gear. Simply click create in your profession spell book and you will be able to make whatever it is you desire with the appropriate materials. High level recipes can be found all over the world or purchased off the auction house.


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