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The Death Knight is an unholy warrior who strikes his enemy down with his massive two handed weapon. The Death Knight can take on the class roles of both damage dealers and tanks so they are always fun and exciting to play. Whether you choose to specialize in Blood, Unholy, or Frost is up to you. Each of these specializations has there own strength and weaknesses.

New Talent System Tiers 1 and 2

death knight art wowIn Mists of Pandaria, there are no more mandatory talents. The talents are simply six choices between three benefits. Each of these talent tiers contains spells with similar functions, but they also vary slightly. This means that just about any build is viable if you have a justification for it. So moving onto the first tier, we have a choice between Roiling Blood, Plague Leach, and Unholy Blight. Roiling Blood causes your Blood Boil spell to trigger Pestilence if an affected target had your diseases active. Plague Leach is a nice way to get yourself a Death Rune as your DoT’s are about to expire from an enemy. The spell is on a 25 second cool down, so it can be used frequently. Finally, Unholy Blight is a cool down that spreads both Frost Fever and Blood Plague to nearby enemies for 10 seconds. Unholy Blight incurs a one and a half minute cool down. Tier 2 has to deal with the player’s survival with spells like Lichborne which can make the player immune to charm and sleep. Anti-Magic Zone makes a large stationary zone that spells cannot penetrate. And last but not least, Purgatory makes it so you can be saved from death to fight again every 90 seconds.

Tiers 3 and 4

death knight crest wowTier 3 is one that PVP players will love. First off is the Death’s Advance ability which makes you move faster as well as less hindered by movement impairing effects. The next spell is Chillbains which chills victims of your frost spells, reducing their movement speed. Asphyxiate is the final talent to choose from and it is quite interesting. This spells replaces your Strangulate spell and adds a five second stun to an already good silencing spell. The Death Knight’s survivability  is what is at steak in the fourth tier of talents. Death Pact lets you sacrifice your minion for health while Death Siphon is a shadow and frost spell that deals damage and heals the Death Knight. Finally, Conversion lets you convert your Runic Power to health until it is depleted.

The Final Talent Tiers

undead death knightTier 5 focuses on the Death Knight’s rune resource system and how to take advantage of it. The first talent is Blood Tap which makes your Death Coil, Frost Strike, or Rune Strike generate up to 12 blood charges. You can consume five of these charges to activate a random fully depleted rune as a death rune. Runic Empowerment causes these same melee abilities to 45% chance to activate a depleted rune. The final talent is Runic Corruption Which causes these same melle abilities to have the same chance to instead increase your rune regeneration rate by 100% for 3 seconds. The Final tier is not one that you should take lightly. Whichever one you take will affect your game play. The first spell, Gorefiend’s Grasp, pulls all enemies within 20 yards to the caster’s location. Remorseless Winter is a cool down that surrounds the Death Knight in cold wind which can chill and eventually stun enemies. The final talent to choose from is Desecrated Ground which removes movement impairing effects and makes the Death Knight immune to them while standing in it.

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