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Enchanting is a very important profession in World of Warcraft as it can both make use of items that would usually end up being sold to a vendor, as well as enchant their own gear and that of other players with powerful enchantments. This is probably one of the most desirable professions, but it certainly isn’t an easy one to level up. If you level up through the dungeon queue system and take your time leveling this profession, you’ll have the easiest way of leveling Enchanting in the game.

Disenchanting Items

leveling enchantingIf an item is not usable by any player in the group, you can disenchant it and receive the mats that will help you to enchant gear to further level your Enchanting. If you want to get to 600 Enchanting fast, the only way to do it is a steady combination of both disenchanting items and enchanting either your own gear or others’ gear. Any profession that can benefit any player in a great way is considered one of the best. These professions include Enchanting, Alchemy, Inscription, and Jewelcrafting. Of course, Leatherworking will be good for you if you wear leather or mail, Blacksmithing is a good choice if you wear plate or mail, and Tailoring is great for cloth wearers. The gathering professions are always great choices too. Many players actually choose two gathering professions instead of all this complicated crafting stuff.

Enchanting Items

enchanting wowThe most important feature of this profession is the ability to enchant gear. Increasing your stats with enchantments is a great way to improve your damage at any level. Other players will also pay lots of gold if you enchant their gear for them as well. To stay on top of your Enchanting at high levels, you need to go after high level recipes that can let you make the best enchantments. These will keep your customers coming back to get the better enchantments whenever they’re released! Enchanting also gives the player special benefits as well. Enchanters can enchant both of their rings with powerful enchantments which only other Enchanters can have. Many people ask what the best pairing for Enchanting is, but there really isn’t one. The closest thing to a perfect pairing is Tailoring as you can collect the cloth from leveling dungeons while you also collect rare items to disenchant.

Other Benefits of Enchanting

leveling enchantingEnchanting also helps the player in other ways. One of the reasons that Tailoring is a good pairing with Enchanting is that the latter is adept at making magical wands which benefit casters, most of which wear cloth armor! Oils are another unique feature to Enchanting which increases the spell damage on weapons. The real benefit of Enchanting is the ability to affect not all, but most of the gear that players wear. Enchanters can enchant capes, chest armor, bracers, weapons, shields and off hands, gloves, legs, and their own rings. While Jewlcrafting also does this, a player will usually not have this many socketed items until late in raiding content. Enchanting is easily one of the best and most important professions in WoW.

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