Fury Warrior Pandaria

Furry Warrior PandariaUsing the right rotation for your class and spec is crucial if you want to raid and play your roll to its fullest extent. Each class has a set rotation for pve and raiding. If you want to be in the top guides and do the best dps, then you need to follow the rotation guides.

If you want to do the best DPS for your guild or just for grinding, then take a look at the best fury warrior rotation for Mists of Pandaria below.

Fury Warrior Rotation

As a fury warrior you will want to stay in the battle stance during normal raid damage(mobs) and switch to Berserker Stance when you want to put out high raid damage(during boss fights).

The following rotation can be used for both two hand and duel weilding fury warriors. Follow this rotation to get the best results with your warrior in pandaria.

1. Bloodthirst – This ability is used mainly to generate rage as a furry warrior, but it also does a lot of instant damage and also has double the normal chance to do a critical hit. Bloodthirst will also the deep wounds dot onto the enemy it is used on.

2. Colossus Smash – This spell is on a 20 second cool down, so you want to use it as often as possible. Colossus smash will do high damage to the enemy, as well as weakening them by bypassing their armor by 100%. Armor reduction amount is not as much on other players.

3. Heroic Leap – Leap through the aim and smash down at your target location dealing dmage to all enemies in the area. Only use Heroic leap when your colossus smash buff is up, not when it is on cool down.

4. Execute – This spell can only be used on foes below 20% health. If you have a lot of rage and this ability is available, then use it!

5. Raging Blow – Use this ability whenever it is available! Raging Blow does 215% weapon damage with both weapons, but is only usable after becoming enraged.

6. Wild Strike – Use this ability only when bloodsurge procs. This ability swings for over 200% weapon damage and causing wounds on the enemy.

7. Heroic Strike – This is the last ability you want to be using when all your other spells are on cool downs. Only use this when you need to blow rage and you have more than you can spend.

Fury Warrior Rotation Overview

Fury Warrior PandariaAs stated above, you want to use bloodthirst anytime it is available to build rage and to apply deep wounds to the enemy. Use colossus smash and Raging Blow as often as possible as these are on cool downs. You will want to save wild strike for when bloodsurge procs. From here you want to use heroic strike to burn rage along with using your other spells as well. After the target enemy is below 20% health, you should begin to only use execute instead of burning your colossus smash and raging blow.


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