Jewelcrafting is one easily one of the most lucrative professions in World of Warcraft. Every players needs high level gems for their best gear and only Jewelcrafters can make them. There are loads of unique features to Jewelcrafting that make other professions green with envy. If you want to rake in the gold in the new WoW expansion, then this is the profession for you.

Special Jewelcrafting Features

priest jewelcrafterPlayers who study this profession are able to do all kinds of things that can help them both in and out of combat. Any Jewelcrafter can create high quality jewelry like rings and necklaces. These pieces of gear are very valuable and can be sold in the auction house for money, or simply equipped to upgrade one’s own gear. Statues are another interesting feature of Jewelcrafting which can be used by the crafter to heal, but no one else can use them. These statues are incredibly useful in both PVE as well as PVP situations. Having a discreet item that also heals you is invaluable as top level players are always taking damage and trying to stay alive. There are lots of other features of Jewelcrafting that make one of the best professions around.

Increasing Stats

jewelcrafting spell bookWhile there are gems that can increase any player’s stats, only Jewelcrafters can wear special gems with even more stats. While they can only wear three of these super gems, the stat bonuses they get over other players are still amazing. Player with Jewelcrafting also have the benefit of always being able to socket their items, even when extremely low on money. This just makes it that much easier to keep up your character’s gear which can get to be areal hassle with gems and enchantments to keep up on. With all kinds of high level recipes also, you are likely to have better gems than the majority of the community anyway. Jewelcrafting is profession great for both making money and giving your character a little extra edge. With the release of Mists of Pandaria, there will be all kinds of new Jewelcrafting features and recipes to keep you occupied for the whole expansion!

New in Mists of Pandaria

jeweled sapphire pantherSome of the new recipes available to Jewelcrafters in Mists of Pandaria are sure to sell for lots of money. The release of the new pet battle system brings with it a rise in the popularity of mini pets all over Azeroth. New craftable mini pets are within the plethora of new Jewelcrafting recipes and a sure to make the crafter lots of money. While these mini pets are cute, the Jewelcrafter can also make Jeweled Panther mounts which will certainly be as collectible if not more so than the Mechanchopper. All four of these different Jeweled Panther mounts can be combined to create the Jeweled Onyx Panther mount. While it will by no means be easy to get, this mount is sure to be one of the most valuable in the entire expansion. Stick with Jewelcrafting as a profession if you want money money and more money in Mists of Pandaria!


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