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Leatherworking is one of the many crafting professions in World of Warcraft. With this profession, players use the skins of various animals to create leather and even mail armor and cloaks. Useful for players who want to create their own high level gear, Leatherworking is a great profession for anyone who wears leather or mail armor at top level. These classes include the Shaman, Hunter, Rogue, Druid, as well as the new Monk class in Mists of Pandaria.

Pairing Another Profession With Leatherworking

leatherworking skinningAny two primary professions are all right if you have a way to justify their use. So while any other profession could go in this second slot, most Leatherworkers choose to pair it with Skinning. This gathering profession allows you to take the hides from beasts that you kill which can eventually be fashioned into high level armor. If you like the idea of gathering materials from the land and then making them into your own gear, this is definitely a profession pairing that you should look into. Skinning and Leatherworking is one of the easiest profession pairings to level, so you should be able to become a Zen Master in no time. Additionally, even players who don’t wear the appropriate types of armor can benefit from this profession pairing by simply selling the created gear on the auction house. While this is not the most efficient use of Leatherworking, it is certainly more lucrative and easier to level up than other professions are.

Special Features of Leatherworking

undead leatherworkerApart from high level armor, Leatherworkers can make a whole bunch of other useful things to use for themselves or sell for a profit. The first of these useful items are bags. There is nothing more annoying in World of Warcraft than having small bags on your character. The Leatherworker can make all kinds of bags with many slots in which to hold your items. While they are by no means cheap to make, players from far and wide will pay a fortune for a bag with a lot of space. Armor Kits are like enchantments that Leatherworkers can put on gear to make them more powerful. Some special Armor Kits are custom made to fit only the Leatherworker and can give some very impressive stats. Finally, the Leatherworker can create gear that only the crafter wears which is of the highest quality you can find in the game.

Leatherworking in Mists of Pandaria

leatherworking armor mists of pandariaWhile the profession system as a whole has been majorly changed for Mists of Pandaria, the same can not be said about the Leatherworking profession. They will indeed get loads of new recipes to craft, but there is nothing all that new and interesting that the LEatherworker can create. There are a couple of best in slot items that they can craft, which will always have a high demand. But Leatherworking simply didn’t get the same amount of love from Blizzard that a lot of the other professions did. The good news is that this is probably because they felt it was fine just where it was at. No matter what class you are, check out the money making benefits of Leatherworking!

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