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Mining is one of the few gathering professions in the world of Azeroth. This profession allows players to track minerals found all over the world and gather them for profit or for use with another profession. As it is one of the few gathering professions, Mining is an incredibly easy profession to level up and profit from. Choose Mining if you’d like an easy avenue to becoming a Zen Master of your profession.

Using Mining in the Field

mining wowWhile it is very simple to use, many people don’t know how to find minerals because they have not been playing for very long. To track where you might find these mining nodes, go to your tracking and put on Find Minerals. This will show any mining node on the map as a a yellow dot. You can then simply go up to these dots, right click the mineral, and you will begin to mine it. After a couple of seconds, you will see a cache of loot pop up with ore, some gray materials, and even uncommon or rare gems if you are lucky! Like anything with time, this will start to get quite boring before you reach 600 in Mining. That is why the best way to level up any profession is to do while you are leveling up your character as well. It makes leveling the profession up a lot more fun and players now even gain experience from gathering nodes!

Good Pairings with Mining

mining art wowAs Mining is a gathering profession, there are a lot of corresponding crafting professions that make perfect partners with it. The first of these partners is Jewelcrafting. While Jewelcrafting is quite hard to level, the rewards are worth it when you reach top level and you can make all the high level cuts you want. Engineering is another great partner for Mining as it requires the ore for many of its recipes. Engineering can make all kinds of wacky things like mounts and pets as well as situational use things like rocket jump boots or a trinket that releases a parachute. Finally, Blacksmithing is used to create high level plate armor as well as weapons and shields. This is a great profession if you like the idea of making high level gear for yourself at a seriously reduced price. All of these pairings and any other profession for that matter go great with Mining because of how easy it is to use.

Profiting from Mining

lots of mining lootIf you simply go out into the world and put the ore and rare finds you get onto the auction house. You will find that you have made a substantial amount of money. Many players pair this with the other gathering profession of Herbalism and make massive amounts of money just farming high level areas and putting their finds on the auction house. However, you can also use your ore for high level recipes in a corresponding crafting profession and make loads of gold selling the end result. Whichever route you choose, Mining is a very fun and lucrative profession.

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