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September 28, 2012
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WoW Reforge is a very helpful site that lets you see which pieces of gear your character ought to reforge for maximum output. Many casual players do not put in the time to do this, but it is a small thing that can really make a big difference in your DPS. Try reforging your gear and see what it can do for you.

What Is Reforging?

reforging in wowReforging is changing a secondary stat on a piece of gear into another secondary stat at a reduced rate. While this may not sound tempting at first, this really helps your damage if the stat values are right. The secondary stats that can be reforged on gear in World of Warcraft are spirit, haste, crit, and mastery. Tanks use all kinds of various damage mitigation secondary stats like block, dodge, and parry. And finally, DPS players will want to get to their respective hit or hit and expertise caps before the try real challenging content. This may all seem like a bit too much to handle right now, but learning the reforging system is an important part of being a competitive player in Mists of Pandaria.

Benefits of WoW Reforge

wow reforge logoUsing WoW Reforge to tell which stats you should reforge to or out of is a very quick way to get on top of the game. Each different class specialization benefits more from a certain secondary stat than others, and these stats are constantly changing thanks to patches and hot fixes in the game. WoW Reforge also shows you present or missing enchantments on items as well as gem sockets. If you want to be a top notch player, you need to make sure all of these slots are filled out and all of your stats are in the right place. Guild Leaders or even Raid Leaders can easily look up your character on WoW Reforge and see if you are ready for the content in question. This website makes it easier than ever to weed out the bad players who don’t keep their gear up to date. Being the leader of a successful guild has never been so easy!

Important Features for Users

wow arcane reforgerOne of the things that makes WoW Reforge such a great website is its ease of use. You simply type in a character name and their realm onto the home page and you are instantly presented with their gear and everything that comes with it. One can even mouse over the pieces of gear and see the exact stats that they have or what item level they are. But by far the most useful part of WoW Reforge is being able to check a character’s enchantments, gems, and reforging. If your character is not up to par, you will often just get left behind in favor of a better player. Use WoW Reforge to make sure that your gear is up to date and as good as it can before asking for a raid or guild spot. Your first impression is everything with people in the real world as well as WoW. Use WoW Reforge to your advantage!

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